North Carolina is so much better than Florida

!!!!!!!!!! Today is exciting because I got my first letter from my penpal (!!! I’m super super freaking excited to be doing this and even more excited that I get to do it with her <33333

Control what you can
Disregard the fabricated law of the land
And know that you can do much more with a day
Than just survive

A few months ago my friends and I were walking around campus drunk as hell and we met these three guys and haven’t really talked to them since but one of them invited us to go to a party tonight and like I’m not about to turn down free alcohol so yeah woohoo for being a normal college kid for a night. Yeah.

Swagged out for an 80’s event at my school ayyyy

I have an instagram now so you can follow me if you wanttttt!

here, have a selfie.

Hi I’m really cold

Throwback to the 80’s with my massive shoulder pads ayyyy

here u go anon just 4 u

I hate first days of class. I’m so anxious :(

~~~new hair~~~

picture of my hair for the anon who asked
I wanted it to be a lot darker than this :((((

Day 1 of exam week. I am dying.

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